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carol kuntjoro

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A Bali based romance observer with too much imagination, odd endless dreams, and a son who she loves more than herself.

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My love of romance and photography started in a very young age. I used to work as a hired flower girl started when I was only four years old. I always observed the things that happened and connection between each couple from behind the curtain. At those moments, I wished I have a camera to preserve the things that I saw from my tiny eyes and some other time I enjoyed watching the wedding photographers firing the light with the popping sound. It’s always entertaining to imagine myself holding a camera in a wedding and seeing the people smile towards me behind the lenses.

Growing up as a sensitive person made me see things deeper than my peers. But the adults around me used to tell that being a wedding photographer was not a real job. so I took business and finance during my study and built my own businesses while working in my family business. Slowly I tried to burry my dreams and worked real hard for my future.

Until one day, I met a guy who asked me to marry him when I was only twenty two. We built a family with a beautiful son. As days passed, I started to feel there’s an empty space in my life which I craved real bad. I suffered from depression and anxiety which left me senseless. I decided to left all my businesses and started doing photography. Luckily, the gap filled and I slowly recovered. Turns out observing people was my best therapy after all. Seeing souls connected with each other reminded me to my dreams when I was a little girl. I love seeing people I photographed fell in love with each other more, or even fell in love with themselves much deeper after the sessions we had.

Since I moved my son to stay with me again, I have more bravery to express myself and to untie all of the parts I used to hide. He inspired me to see possibilities as much as his wild eyes seen everyday and my sentimental part often took place in every decisions I made, especially when I have to decide what kind of pictures I want to make, or what kind of connections I want people to feel. So what I got to do is to observe the beautiful souls I photographed and to let my sentimental part to do her job.

Carl, this is for you.


Took weeks to learn some tools, months to master a technique, years to build a company, and a lifetime to understand how to feel.

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